If you are a home owner and you are current, delinquent, in default or even in active foreclosure, you are probably experiencing financial difficulties and are eligible for a loan modification with your lender.

WeFixMortgages.com is here to be your advocate, and to negotiate with your lenders for more affordable loan terms. Our high success rate comes as a result of retaining people with a high degree of experience and the right skill-set to efficiently negotiate with the bank and offer our clients the customer service they expect. In addition, WeFixMortgages.com is the only Loan Modification Company using ESCROW.COM as our escrow service in order to protect home owners from fraud! Your deposit is fully refundable in the unlikely event our team is not able to modify your loan. All of these steps are taken because the most important thing to us is that you, the home owner, are able to stay in your home with a payment you can afford.

For qualifying homeowners, we can negotiate with your lenders to modify the mortgage loan and accomplish the following:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Reduce interest rates
  • Roll any delinquent payments into the principal
  • Forgive any late payment fees and penalties
  • Re-amortize the loan to make the monthly payments more affordable

Do-it-yourself Loan Modification or Hire a Professional?

Most people call an industry professional when they need to borrow money, purchase a home, create a living will, get representation in court or file taxes. When considering a loan modification, it is also best to hire a professional that will negotiate the best deal with the lender on your behalf.

"The average American trying to get through [to their bank] to negotiate a loan modification will not be able to get it done!" - U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (January 21, 2009)

Our staff and partners have gone through the steps hundreds of times. We speak the same language as the lender, and have built our own relationships within the banking system. What this means for you is a solid foundation when renegotiating the terms of your loan.

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